Just in Case...Investigate Your Date

With so many, relationships starting in chat rooms, how well do you really know that person you're hoping will become that special someone?

Maria Coder wrote the book "InvestiDate" to offer tips and tricks to investigate your date. She says she wanted to protect people from criminals by teaching them to do a bit a research.

Her 200-page guide and website can help you discover if that person you just met in the bar is, well, a sex offender.

Coder says she originally got the idea for "InvestiDate" after a stint as a crime reporter -- she covered the tragedies of Natalie Holloway and Lacy Peterson -- and because she's had her own heart broken.

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"I was dating someone who i thought was terrific. He was not so terrific," she says.

Mr. Not-So Terrific was a cheater.

Now Maria wishes she'd taken her own advice. She never wants to feel that heartbreak again.


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