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Pop-up Recycle and Trash Bins


Heading to the beach or a barbecue this summer? You might want to consider bringing a Flings Bin. 

Flings Bins are portable pop-up containers that can take the place of garbage cans when there are none in sight. You just pop them open, fill them up and throw them away! I wouldn't argue that they are the most cost-effective way of disposing your garbage, but they win in practicality.

They're ideal for the beach, tailgates, barbecues, road trips or any outdoor gatherings. I brought a Flings Bin to a rooftop party and guests were both amused and impressed by its ability to pop-up out of nowhere. Recycling and trash disposal became a simple chore, and my friends (litterbugs included) were actually excited to try the "Fling thing." The bins withstood leaks to a reasonable degree and maintained their upright position even when filled to the very top.

On the downside, Fling Bings do not come cheap: At $3.99 per bin or $34.99 for a 10 pack, it's a steep price for a fancy trash bag. But given the right occasion, the product pays for itself in practicality.

They're also not easy to come by. You can find Flings Bins online but they haven't yet hit the shelves of all your local grocers. They’re most commonly found in stores like Party City, but to find your nearest retailer, click here.

Do you need a Flings Bin? No. But they're functional, convenient and come in colorful patterns, which beats an ugly, saggy garbage bag. And while you wouldn't think a trash bin is anything to get excited about, your friends will love when you show up to a party with one of these guys.

If you do try them, I suggest buying in bulk so you have them on hand to grab on-the-go ... and because they might turn out to be more than just a summer fling.