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10 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Spring


Bust open the cedar closet and shove in everything you won’t need ‘til November, because the seasons have finally changed! It’s time to get your house hopping for spring and we have 10 ways to do it!

  • Change Your Welcome MatMake a statement right through the gate (literally) with a new welcome mat for spring. 
  • Clean the WindowsGet rid of all the gunk and grime from a winter’s worth of weather on your windows. 
  • Add FlowersHead to the local nursery and pick out some of your favorite blossoms. Buy bulbs to plant in your garden outside, and buy freshly cut flowers for various bouquets in your home. We love peonies, white roses and hydrangea, however more budget-friendly (yet equally beautiful) options include tulips and daffodils. 
  • Brighten Up PrintsChange up your table cloths, throw pillows, hand towels and area rugs with brighter colors and snazzier prints that scream sunshine. 
  • Add Some Color to the FridgeTake down the winter calendar and throw some bright new magnets, postcards and photographs on the fridge. If you have kids, spend an afternoon creating new art with them! 
  • New Table SettingBuy some colorful new dishware for spring. If your dishware is white, buy some salad plates or bowls to accent them, or try cloth napkins or a statement table runner. 
  • Flip Your Mattress/Change BeddingPut away your heavy comforters and quilts and make way for lighter fabrics and softer colors for spring and summer. And we all hate doing it, but while you’re at it, flipping your mattress will increase its life span and help you sleep better. 
  • Clean!They don’t call it “spring cleaning” for nothing. 
  • Light a Linen CandleWe LOVE the smell of linen for spring. It’s enough of a scent to fill your home, but not so overwhelming that you feel like you got stuck in a Christmas tree, a Lysol bottle or the women’s perfume section at Bloomingdale’s. 
  • Lay Down MulchIf you have a backyard, grab your rake and hoe and get to work! Prepare the dirt around your hedges for mulch or fertilizer and get your garden ready for a season of planting!