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Dyson Unveils $400 'Jet Engine' Space Heater

  • James Dyson with Dyson Hot blue cutaway

    Inventor James Dyson eyes his latest: a heater that senses ambient air temperature and automatically adjusts itself to keep it consistent. (Dyson)

  • jetfan.jpg


A bladeless fan heater made using jet engine technology was revealed Thursday as the latest creation from the British inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner.

Sir James Dyson's latest device, called the Dyson Hot, can heat a room to between 34 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit by drawing in air through a pump and shooting it out through tiny gaps that create jets of warmth.

The oval-shaped ceramic stone echoes the design of its hit predecessor, Dyson's ring-shaped bladeless fan -- which drew comparisons to a stargate on its release in 2009. The heater also uses the same Air Multiplier technology.

The new remote-controlled gadget, which took 22 engineers three years to perfect, has no visible moving parts, it automatically cuts out if it topples over and it is not hot to the touch.

However, the innovative device may burn a hole in the pocket -- at $400 it is around 40 times more expensive than the lowest price new fan heater available to buy from online retailer Amazon.

Dyson said, "Other fan heaters rely on inefficient motors or dust friendly grills. As the heat rises you're left with a partially heated room and a worrying burning smell. Dyson engineers have developed a heater that produces no smell and heats the whole room."

In August the British company reported an eight percent increase in annual profits to $325 million.