Head Injury

6-year-old boy in a coma after sledding accident


A 6-year-old boy has been in an induced coma since Thursday after crashing into a pole while sledding with his sister, KATU.com reported. Johnny Tatarinov, of Happy Valley, Oregon, is one of 12 siblings.

“He helps my mom the most,” Susanna, Johnny’s sister, told KATU.com. “If my mom wasn’t feeling well, he’ll go make her tea. He does little things that we usually don’t.”

The family told the news outlet that Johnny’s brain is swollen and they aren’t sure how long he’ll be in a coma for. He had been playing with his sister Alyona when they decided to sled down a hill.

“I’m not used to seeing him like that, he’s always cheerful, laughing, talking,” Susanna told KATU.com.

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Susanna said the family is asking for prayers and is thankful for neighbors and friends who have helped them out while Johnny’s parents take turns staying with him in the hospital.

“They’ve been cooking food for dinner, going out of their way and doing a lot,” she said. “It’s been very helpful, and we are very thankful, and my parents are very thankful.”