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Abandoned, handicapped sheltie regains mobility with custom-made wagon

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 (Courtesy GoFundMe)

When Roo, an abandoned 5-year-old sheltie, arrived at the Human Society of Marion County, Florida, the canine could hardly walk due to a congenital deformity. But now, Roo— short for Kangaroo— is back on his feet, thanks to a wheeled cart that the North Central Florida community paid for, reported.

Lynne Beurrier, head veterinary technician at the county’s humane society, told the news site that Roo was found malnourished and handicapped. His deformity affects his spine, front legs and shoulder blades.

“He touched our hearts,” she told “He has no idea he is handicapped. He thinks all dogs walk the way he does.”

Beurrier connected with Brenda Hall, a humane society volunteer and administrator/board member for Marion County Lost and Found Pets, who started a page and organized door-to-door solicitations to raise money for Roo.

Hall and her team raised $1,800, and they have used the money to help Roo regain his mobility. That included buying a cart by Eddie’s Wheels for Pets, a Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts-based organization that builds custom-made wheeled carts for handicapped pets.

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Eddie’s Wheels development director Gerry Brent told “We all are so excited we could get the wagon. Roo deserves to be happy.”

Although it will be a while before Roo is adoptable, he’s working hard to regain his strength with daily exercises using the device. Beurrier told that he also will receive laser therapy to aid blood flow.

Brent suggested that Roo is just the type of customer his organization aims to serve.

“Roo fits our slogan of ‘Never quit,’” he told the news site.