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Watch a disabled kitten walk for the first time with a mini wheelchair



A disabled kitten born to a feral mother and without back legs is walking again thanks to miniature wheelchair made by a Canadian animal rescue volunteer group, and a video that shows the cat walking has begun going viral. 

As of Thursday afternoon, the video had more than 420,000 YouTube views.

Tiny Kittens, a Langley, British-Columbia-based animal charity, wrote on its website that Cassidy the kitten, who nearly starved to death in the woods, fought for the first nine weeks of his life and fought an E. coli infection that left him with two stumps.

“[Cassidy’s] little body had just about given out from starvation and infection by the time we rescued him, but he never gave up,” the group wrote on its site.

More On This... reported that the Abbotsford, British Columbia-based group Handicapped Pets Canada created a wheelchair for Cassidy, enabling the feline to take his first steps. The wheelchair is reportedly the smallest the organization has ever made. 

Oh, this? It's just a #MiracleKitten taking his Human Walking Machine for a spin. No big.

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