Dr Manny's Notes

How healthcare will change in the wake of Obama's re-election

FOXNewshealth.com managing director Dr. Manny Alvarez on the future of health-care costs.


Now that President Obama has been re-elected, we need to stop arguing that Obamacare is a developing concept. It’s here and will be here forever.

Therefore, we need to realize there will be significant changes to come in the healthcare industry. Three main changes are on their way that will affect people across the nation seeking out treatment for any health issues.

The first major change will be access to care.  Soon, we will lose accessibility to the particular kinds of healthcare we want. You might not be able to pick your doctor anymore or be able to see the doctor when you want to.

Second, there will be changes in deployment of patient care.  Simply performing needed health procedures and services will become a challenge. Right now, we don’t have the infrastructure to service millions of Americans. There will need to be new hospitals built, a plan to provide better access to physicians, and more hospital personnel.

Finally, the style of care Americans receive will be impacted.  We will likely see a shift in the way patients are treated.  The focus going forward will be on prevention of diseases and other illnesses. Doctors might be facing payment for performance, and unless we change the cost structure, the inflation of healthcare dollars will rise.

Let’s not take this issue lightly: It’s a new dawn in America which will change the landscape of healthcare forever.

Dr. Manny Alvarez serves as Fox News Channel's senior managing health editor. He also serves as chairman of the department of obstetrics/gynecology and reproductive science at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey. For more information on Dr. Manny's work, visit AskDrManny.com.