3 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

FOX 2 is working for your health with some advice to assist you in laying the groundwork to help you successfully get through the holidays without having to lose extra weight in the New Year.

You can't escape the fact that the eating season is upon us. How you approach it can mean the difference between six weeks of smart food choices or six weeks of dietary debauchery that will haunt you like a hangover on January first.

Be realistic. Allow for the fact you probably will sample some of your traditional holiday favorites.  Just make sure that for every indulgent choice you make like grandma's pumpkin pie, you're making a smart choice, such as veggies that aren't drowning in butter.

Don't skip the exercise. There are tons of excuses not to get moving as the holidays get busier, but even a 30 minute walk every day will help counteract those extra holiday calories.

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Make smart choices with holiday cocktails. Lots of people let go a little this time of year, but those liquid calories can add up.

A recent study found beer and red wine both stimulate your appetite, but white wines didn't have the same effect. So, you might want to sip some chardonnay with the turkey or ham this year.

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