Daily Health Watch 2008-03-18

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Deadly Disease Causes Sisters to Grow Excess Skin
Two sets of sisters in England suffer from a painful and incurable disease that causes them to grow more skin in one day than the average person does in two weeks.

Post-Traumatic Stress May Be Genetic, Researchers Say
Cutting-edge new research helps answer the puzzling question of why post-traumatic stress doesn't happen to everyone who endures horrible trauma.

Drunkorexia: Women Skipping Food for Alcohol
The latest phenomenon afflicting those trying to stave off pounds, known as drunkorexia, is a trend in which women skip meals in order to spend their daily calorie intake on alcohol, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Doctor Removes Brain Tumor Using Cordless Drill
A British brain surgeon used an inexpensive cordless drill to remove a tumor from a fully conscious woman.

Girl, 12, Becomes 4th to Die From Flu in Mass.
A 12-year-old Worcester County girl died Sunday from influenza, the fourth Massachusetts child to die from the illness this year.

Association: Heart Treatments May Kill Cocaine Users
Some heart attack treatments can be deadly to someone using cocaine, the American Heart Association said this week.

France Rejects Disfigured Woman's Euthanasia Plea
The right-to-die pleas of a former schoolteacher suffering from a disfiguring tumor were rejected by a French court this week.

Forget Types 1, 2: New Diabetes Subtypes Discovered
You've heard of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, but what about a kind called MODY? Diabetes is undergoing a genetics revolution that suggests there actually are many subtypes of the disease.

5 Ways to Prevent Bikini Rash
The unsightly, inflamed, itchy bumps that often accompany the hair removal process have some thinking twice about cleaning up their bikini areas.