Daily Health Watch 2008-03-17

Your daily health watch for Monday, March 17, 2008. This page will be updated throughout the day as we post new stories and videos to FoxNews Health. Please feel free to post your comments to any of our stories here, or send email to

VIDEO: Best Cities to Have a Baby

See how your city stacks up in Fit Pregnancy's profile of the top 50 cities.

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VIDEO: Eating for Two

Find out the BEST foods to eat and what to avoid when you're pregnant.

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VIDEO: Eating Fish When Pregnant

What's safe? How much should you eat? Are there alternatives? Click here for the facts.

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VIDEO: Pregnancy Common Concerns

Ease your anxiety! What to worry (and not worry) about each trimester.

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VIDEO: Is Colon Cleansing Safe?

Ask Dr. Manny: Is "detoxing" your colon a good idea and, if so, do these over-the-counter products really work?

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VIDEO: HGH: No Edge for Athletes?

New study finds HGH maybe ineffective for sport performance enhancement

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VIDEO: Toy Recall

More than two million magnetic toys recalled for choking hazard

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VIDEO: Contaminated Medicine

FDA in the spotlight as Congress looks into tainted Chinese drugs entering the U.S.

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Boy, 13 Mos., Aging 6 Times Faster Than Average Person
A 13-month-old boy has a rare disease that is making him age six to eight times faster than the average person.

Experts: Water Needs to Be Cleaned, But Still Drinkable
Test it, study it, figure out how to clean it but still drink it.

Study: Male Fertility Problems May Develop in Womb
New research from the University of Edinburgh suggests that male fertility problems such as low sperm count and testicular cancer are likely linked to hormone levels early in the mother 's pregnancy.

'Special K' Drug Eases Woman's Rare Pain Disorder
Imagine being in so much pain, you would do anything to stop it including pumping your body with illegal street drugs.

'Boot camps' treat pain sufferers
Ballet teacher Gayle Parseghian thought she might never dance again after a back injury while moving heavy furniture left her with unrelenting pain.

Study: HGH May Not Improve Athletic Performance
Stunning new research suggests that human growth hormone mentioned specifically in December's Mitchell Report to the Commissioner of Major League Baseball may not improve athletic performance after all.

FOXSexpert: Deciphering Erotic Dreams
Whether thrilling or unnerving, we can learn a lot from our sexual dreams.

Study Gives Hope in Stunting Tumor Growths
Harvard Medical School has identified the key enzyme responsible for a malignant tumor 's rapid growth; it is being reported by the BBC News.