Daily Health Watch 2008-03-12

Your daily health watch for Wednesday, March 12, 2008. This page will be updated throughout the day as we post new stories and videos to FoxNews Health. Please feel free to post your comments to any of our stories here, or send email to

VIDEO: Traveling Can Kill Your Pet

Travel and your pet can be a lethal combination, but it doesn't have to be.

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VIDEO: Cholesterol Lowering Nuts

Ask Dr. Manny: I recently heard walnuts were good for lowering cholesterol. Is this true?

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VIDEO: Carnal Craving

Signs that you may be a sex addict

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What It Means to Be N.Y.'s First Legally Blind Governor
David Paterson will not only be the state 's first African-American governor, but the first legally blind one.
Study: Shorter Men More Likely to Be Jealous
The shorter the man is, the more likely he is to suffer from bouts of the green-eyed monster, especially when it comes to romance, according to a new study published in the journal of Evolution and Human Behavior.
Parents May Be Jailed for Refusing to Vaccinate Kids
Belgium is threatening to jail parents who refuse to vaccinate their children.
Starbucks Barista Donates Kidney to Customer
A Starbucks barista has donated a kidney to a longtime customer with whom she forged a kind of friendship.
Firefighter Dies After Contracting Brain-Eating Amoeba
A firefighter in California from complication due to a brain-eating amoeba he contracted late last year.
Report: Life-Saving Heart Devices Can Be Hacked
Researchers say life-saving heart devices are at risk for hacking.
Deer Urine Sickens Tenn. Students
About a dozen students became ill after deer urine was poured into an air condtioner at a Tennessee school.
Emergency Rooms in America: A Deadly Prognosis
The practice of diverting ambulances from overcrowded emergency rooms has become widespread - and the delay in treatment can have fatal consequences.