Daily Health Watch 2008-02-25

Your daily health watch for Monday, February 25, 2008. This page will be updated throughout the day as we post new stories and videos to FoxNews Health. Please feel free to post your comments to any of our stories here, or send email to

VIDEO: Cabbage Soup Diet Day 2

We Tried It: The Health Team suffers through day 2 of the cabbage soup diet

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VIDEO: 5 Easy Home Remedies

The cures to common problems, from dandruff to bad breath, can be found right in your own home

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VIDEO: Death in the Sky

Forensic pathologist on whether different actions could have saved American Airlines passenger

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VIDEO: Dialing Infertility?

Study links cell phones to low sperm count

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VIDEO: Staying Safe

Can you catch hepatitis at a bar or restaurant?

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VIDEO: Cabbage Soup Diet 101

We Tried It: Tune in for Day 1 As The Health Team Tries This Fad Diet

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HPV Vaccination Could Be Available for Boys by 2009
The human papillmovirus vaccination Gardasil could become available for boys and young men as soon as next year, according to a new report.

Report: Physical Therapy May Alleviate Painful Sex for Women
Physical therapy may help some women suffering from chronic pain during sex.

Norovirus Sickens More Than 100 Passengers on Mexican Cruise
A highly contagious virus sickened more than 100 passengers on a Holland America cruise ship that returned to San Diego Monday from a 10-day trip to Mexico.

Midwife Tells Couples to 'Make Out' During Childbirth
Midwife has unconventional home-birthing strategy, encouraging couples to make out, says orgasm during pregnancy possible.

Baby Doctors Said Would Be Deaf, Blind Born Healthy
A baby that doctors said would be deaf, blind and only live a few hours is now healthy and attempting to talk.

Study: Viagra May Harm Sperm, Fertility
Viagra may be good for boosting a man's sex life, but it also may harm sperm and fertility, according to a new study.

FOXSexpert: Device Promises Women Instant Satisfaction
A new gadget the 'Orgasmatron' basically promises a near-instant orgasm by targeting a woman's lower back. But is it all it's cracked up to be?

Baby Being 'Eaten Alive' by Rare Bacterial Infection
A 17-month-old baby boy from Germany is fighting a rare bacterial infection that is literally eating him alive.