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Spaghetti ‘doughnuts’ are coming to Brooklyn, angering the Internet

A new food vendor in New York City is drawing the wrath of the Internet.

A new food vendor in New York City is drawing the wrath of the Internet.  (iStock)

If a food takes the shape of a doughnut, should it always be categorized as a “doughnut”?

Not really, according to many Internet denizens who reacted negatively to news of a “Spaghetti Donut” stall opening in New York City.

Pop Pasta, the inventor of the doughnut-shaped treats, was recently announced as one of the newest food vendors at Brooklyn’s weekly Smorgasburg food festival, but social media isn’t exactly receptive to their signature dish.


“If I see someone eating a spaghetti donut I will take it and stomp that s--- out,” wrote one especially angered Twitter user named Ize.

It’s not immediately clear why the foodstuff is receiving such backlash. As Grubstreet and Food & Wine point out, the dish itself isn’t so dissimilar to a spaghetti pie — of which there are hundreds of recipes online — as it’s also made with pasta, egg and cheese.

I went with something that’s very traditional, the spaghetti pie," explained Pop Pasta founder Luigi Fiorentino in an interview with Food & Wine. "The doughnut is like something you love already, but done in a different way."

Most of the doughnut’s online detractors have likely yet to taste it, too, seeing as Pop Pasta doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar store in the city.


The very idea of the dish, however, seems to rubbing people the wrong way, much in the same way that Bon Appetit’s “hand salad” recipe angered Twitter earlier this week.

Others just seem to be confused as to what a “Spaghetti Donut” actually is.

For what it's worth, the editors at Food & Wine magazine aren't the least bit turned off by the concept, calling it both "provocative" and a "delicacy."

Pop Pasta will be debuting several different varieties of its doughnuts at Smorgasburg on Saturday at 11 a.m., alongside other new vendors including Baked Cheese Haus, which offers raclette cheese sandwiches, and John's Juice, which serves fresh mascerated fruit juices inside its own hollowed-out fruits, reports Gothamist.