Celebrity Chefs

Wolfgang Puck drops 'f-bomb' during live HSN broadcast


Wolfgang Puck really gets fired up about his sauté pans.

On Saturday night, the 67-year-old celebrity chef accidentally dropped the f-bomb on live television while promoting his eponymous cookware line on the Home Shopping Network.

While speaking to the segment’s co-host about a competitor’s expensive sauté pan, Puck accidentially let a little salty language slip.

“I actually just ordered sauté pans, I think they might be a little bigger than that,” Puck said, gesturing to a small pan. “Six-hundred and fifty dollars for one! I said, ‘I have to f---ing try it out, how it will work!’”

Puck didn’t immediately seem to take notice of own language gaffe, but instead continued speaking as if nothing had happened. Off-screen, however, a crew member could be heard laughing at his blunder.


The New York Daily News points out that this isn't Puck’s first time cursing during a live HSN broadcast. In 2012, he was discussing the cupcakes he crafts in his pastry maker, and said, “You’re going to say, ‘Oh s----, this is the best thing I ever ate!’

Puck and his team will be catering the annual Governors Ball following the Academy Awards on Feb. 26.