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Anthony Bourdain bites back at anti-dog meat heckler

Globe-trotting celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain may be known for voraciously exploring the wide, weird world of culinary delicacies in his show "Parts Unknown," but even he has boundaries when it comes to what he eats. 

On Saturday, during a leg on his stand-up show tour in San Francisco, Bourdain was verbally accosted by a heckler who called him out for allegedly eating dog meat.

In the footage obtained by TMZ, a female voice can be heard questioning whether he's ever eaten dog meat. The audience begind booing until the celebrity chef-turned-TV-host starts his retort.

Bourdain immediately shot the protestor down with a few pointed insults of his own saying, he “likes dogs but how much worse could they be than kale?” and that he might “shoot a puppy in the foot today.” 

After a couple of jabs, Bourdain concluded with asking if the heckler would be “kind enough to f--k off now.”

Bourdain confirmed in an interview with Eater the next day that he had never eaten dog meat.

“I have no plans to do so,” Bourdain said. “I like dogs. However, after about three minutes of her harangue I may or may not have threatened to run right out and get myself a puppy smoothie.”

He has explained his somewhat complex and hypocritical views on the matter in a 2011 interview by stating that his refusal to eat domesticated dog or cat was a personal one and that the only exception would be if he were a guest in someone’s home and dog meat was the only food they could offer him.