Food Trends

Where to score great food deals celebrating the World Series

An Indians-Cubs World Series isn’t just great news for lifelong fans of the two teams.

It’s appetizing news for foodies-- and free food lovers-- too. A slew of restaurants and chains are giving away free food or offering great deals to commemorate this year's biggest baseball game series. 

Here’s where to go get some gratis grub: 

Taco Bell

This nationwide deal applies to any taco fan-- egardless of what you’re wearing. Customers can get a free Doritos Locos Taco as long as a player steals a base during the Fall Classic. If the stolen base occurs during Game 1 or 2, the free tacos can be redeemed on Nov. 2. If it happens during any other game, the day to pick up your free taco is Nov. 10.

Inca Tea

This deal is contingent on the Indians winning the series. But if they do, this Cleveland-based company will be giving away free boxes of its Peruvian purple corn-infused tea. The offer will apply the day following the Indians championship win.

Chop Chicago

For Chicago Cubs fans, the mere presence of the team in the series is enough of a reason to celebrate…and drink. For every home run that's hit during the series, Chop Chicago will give out $1 shots. Keep your Cubs gear on and you can get 25 percent off your bill, too.

Baby’s Cheesesteak

This is a great deal but it comes with a catch (get it?). Tickets to the series are a hot item but Baby’s Cheesesteak in Orland Park is promising two free sandwiches “every day for the rest of your life” to anyone willing to hand over two lower-level tickets at Wrigley Field.