New Hampshire mother says pizza place's toy machine dispensed medication to child

Little hand reaching for gum

Little hand reaching for gum  (JAJMO)

A mother from Rochester, N.H. says her young child received a shocking treat while the family went out for pizza on Friday night.

Courtney Jones says her 7-year-old daughter Allyson dropped a quarter into a small toy machine at Rochester House of Pizza, but instead of getting a prize, Jones says a small container of pills popped out.

“I put all three quarters in the first two were toys and then the third one when it first came out I thought it was candy and I didn't let her have it and I said hold on let me look at his and I opened it up and I realized it was medication,” Jones  told FOX 25.

From the outside, the capsule looked similar to the others inside the machine but when opened, Jones claims, there were three pills with one broken in half. 

Jones says she’s thankful that her daughter knew not to eat the unusual looking pills, but worries about other children that may have utilized the machine. 

“She [Allyson] says I wouldn't want that that's not candy. She's seven she's old enough to know but had she been younger maybe she wouldn't have known,” the mother told the station. 

Rochester House of Pizza owners told FOX25 that an outside vendor is responsible for filling the machine and the restaurant has no idea how the pills got into the toy dispenser. The police were alerted, and say they are investigating how the pills, which appear to be blood pressure medication, made it into the device. 

The restaurant removed the machine from the shop over the weekend but Jones says she heard the supplier responsible for filling the machine with toys and treats buys them in bulk out of state so she’s worried other machines outside of New Hampshire may be affected.

Said Jones,  “I hope that another child doesn't get one of those capsules filled with medication and accidentally eat them.” 

A call to Rochester House of Pizza was not immediately returned.

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