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Ample Hills rolls out gourmet Clinton, Trump ice cream flavors

Chew On This: Ample Hills Creamery is packing two new politically themed pints


The presidential contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump keeps heating up but an ice cream company in New York is looking to cool things off.

Brian Smith and Jackie Cuscuna, the husband and wife co-owners of Ample Hills Creamery, have debuted two new election-themed flavors just  ahead of the first presidential debate. 

“Madam President” is “made with sugar and spices and women’s rights” according to the company’s website, and serves up chili pepper chocolate ice cream with chocolate chip cookies. The ice cream, according to the admittedly partisan company, is “both powerful and comforting.” It’s inspired by Clinton’s preference for both hot chili peppers and chocolate.

Trump fans can dip into a “Make America orange again” dessert. The bright orange flavor incorporates orange marshmallow ice cream with brownie bricks. Although the creamery usually avoids synthetic flavors, they said the shade is based on the “hue of this particular candidate.”

So which flavor creams the competition?

"I’m voting republican but I'm taking the chocolate because tastes triumphs over all," said one very honest Chew on This taster.

"This tastes sweet and very even and balanced and like a very solid flavor, and that’s Hillary definitely," said another.

Madame President is a must for any chocolate lover but, as one taster put it, there aren't really any surprises in the mix. 

The Trump flavor is very, very sweet-- think marshmallows mixed with cream soda and a hint of synthetic orange flavor-- so a lot of people could only handle a few bites. Still, diehard fans said the bright orange ice cream reminded them of the candidate.

One taster called the flavor "bold" and "unapologetic." The bright orange flavor certainly doesn't hold anything back. 

This isn't the first time the creamery has put out politically-themed pints.

In 2012, they made two flavors based on President Barack Obama and epublican contender Mitt Romney. Obama's, termed “Four More Years,” was an Ommegang Witte beer sweet cream with homemade honey comb candy pieces, inspired by the White House’s microbrewery and honeybee colony.

Romney’s flavor, meanwhile, dubbed “Rom Raisin” was touted as the creamery’s “most expensive flavor ever.” It had “47% rum-soaked raisins” in the mix, a play off of the former governor’s controversial comments about Americans who don’t pay income taxes.

The “political pints” are currently available for sale at the creamery’s NYC locations or online via a $40 “Scoop the Vote 4-Pack.” A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Michelle Obama’s “Let Girls Learn” organization.