Food Trends

Ikea launches DIY dining club experience

Fancy pop up dining experiences are popping up all over the globe.

Some allow diners to chow down in the nude, while others bring back bites of nostalgia—by serving upmarket cafeteria food.

But Ikea’s new dining club, which launches next week in London will be putting its patrons to work.

In true Ikea fashion, the meals do not come pre-assembled. Guests must become their own chef and can whip up a meal for up to 20 of their closes friends.

Says Ikea, “The Dining Club features a DIY restaurant where you’re the chef, an IKEA cafe serving Swedish delicacies, inspiring workshops, a virtual reality kitchen and a unique shop so you can take home a piece of the experience. Because when we cook together, we make more than just food.”

Isn’t the point of dining out to let someone else do the dirty work?

The concept, says Ikea, is more about bringing people together than making guests feel overwhelmed in the kitchen.

“With people spending less time cooking and eating together in the UK, IKEA are giving the foodies, wannabe-cooks, kitchen novices and fine diners the chance to express themselves and impress their friends in a restaurant where they will have their very own sous chef and maître de”, IKEA said in a release.

Plus, the groups will work under the supervision of an Ikea head chef.

Each session has various themes like breakfast, kid-friendly cooking and baking. All classes will feature traditional Swedish delicacies and participants will learn techniques. It’s not clear, however, whether guests will learn the secret behind Ikea’s popular meatball recipe.

The IKEA Dining Club opens on Sept. 10 in Shoreditch, London and is scheduled to run through the 28 with 38 planned sessions.