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Guy Fieri looks shockingly normal without his signature spiky hair

Who is this Guy?!

Who is this Guy?!

Guy Fieri’s signature spiky hair and backwards shades are probably better known than the food that he cooks.

But despite the flack he gets for his looks, the celebrity chef has said time and time again that he loves his bleached blonde ‘do, facial hair, earrings and custom tattoos.

But Reddit used LegitLemur wanted to see what Fieri would look like if he dared to go bare—or at least lay off the bleach for a couple months.

The results are shocking.

Got bored and decided to un-douche Guy Fieri with Photoshop. Wanted to share the results.

Without his famous look, Fieri looks like your average, friendly, if not slightly a-dork-able, dad-next-door—either way, he could probably grill up a pretty mean burger.

The Photoshop wizard behind the picture tells FoxNews.com that she’s a big Fieri fan but always wondered “what if.”

“My fiance and I are big ‘Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives’ fans and we've always wondered what a "basic" Guy would look like without his signature style,” said LegitLemur, who preferred to remain anonymous. “It was originally just for me and my fiance but he insisted Reddit needed to see it, so I posted it.”

It took her just 30 minutes to de-funkify Fieri, but LegitLemur’s handiwork has paid off in a big way. The picture has been posted and retweeted thousands of times. 

And once you see Guy without the signature spikes, it’s pretty hard to look back.

“I was expecting a big difference, but I was surprised at just how big of a difference there was,” says the artist. “If the pictures weren't side by side, I don't know what I would have recognized him.”