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Would you try a spicy seafood-flavored cheese ball?

Chew on This: Is the world ready for a spicy, seafood-flavored cheese snack?


If you’re from Maryland, you’ve probably been munching been on spicy crab-flavored chips for years.

Never heard of a crab chip? We bet you’ve tried a puffy cheese ball.

But would you ever put these two flavors together?

Utz is spicing up the plain old cheese ball with zesty Chesapeake Bay seasoning for a summertime snack they’ve dubbed the Crab CheeseBall. We did a double-take when we first heard about these, but since Utz uses actual white cheddar in the recipe, we thought the flavor could be reminiscent of a cheesy crab dip.

How do they really taste? It’s a divisive flavor combo that surprised—and stumped--adventurous foodies and picky eaters alike.

“They’re very light, they are very cheesy, and they melt right in the mouth,” said one Chew on This taster.

“I don’t know. It tastes weird,” said a younger taster.

“Not everyone likes the crab flavor,” said another.

Chesapeake Bay seasoning typically includes a complex blend of salt, paprika, mustard, ancho, celery, black and red pepper, dill, caraway, allspice, ginger, cardamom, thyme, bay, mace, cinnamon, savory and cloves. Old Bay—which is owned by spice giant McCormick-- is the best known brand of this signature spice mix which is most often used to flavor freshly steamed crabs.

Utz has been making a crab seasoning flavored chip since 1983 and, even though it’s available nationwide, many tasters uninitiated with the flavor couldn’t quite place it while tasting the crab cheeseball. In case you’re wondering, the snacks don’t actually contain any seafood-- but they are gluten free.

“What is this? It’s spicy and cheesy…I like it but mostly just because of the cheese,” concluded one taster.

“I literally can’t stop eating these,” said another.

So can the Crab CheeseBall unseat the plain old standby? You’ll probably just have to taste one for yourself.