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Man loses weight after eating Chipotle every day for 319 days

What E.coli scare? Serious Chipotle fans flock to the chain every day.

What E.coli scare? Serious Chipotle fans flock to the chain every day.

Millions of Americans have been avoiding Chipotle after a series of E. coli outbreaks at various locations.

But not Devin Cunningham. The Washington state resident has been eating at the Mexican Grill for 319 consecutive days—and claims to have lost weight while doing so.

“Actually I bulked up from 156 to 172 pounds and cut down to 146 pounds at 8 percent to 9 percent body fat,” Cunningham told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

Cunningham, who says he balances his Chipotle diet with exercise, plans to eat at the restaurant every day until he reaches the full year mark. But his rigorous routine isn’t easy to replicate

 “I work out about six days a week and my workouts last anywhere between an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes,” Cunningham said.

In 2015, the New York Times found that the average Chipotle order packs a whopping 1,070 calories—more than a Big Mac and large fry from McDonald’s which clocks in at 1,040 calories.

Cunningham, who keeps track of his calories, joins the ranks of Mark Rantal and Andrew Hawryluk—other Chipotle devotees who also ate at the chain every day for at least 100 days.

Despite the E.coli scare that saw many avoiding the chain for months, Cunningham isn't worried. When asked why Chipotle, he had a simple, straightforward response: “I picked Chipotle because I love Chipotle.”