The cheapest cities to grab a beer

How much did that pint set you back?

How much did that pint set you back?  (iStock)

If you’re a beer lover looking to book a trip, stay out of Geneva. The Swiss city ranked number one in average cost of beer in a survey of 75 cities worldwide

The research was conducted by Berlin-based travel cost comparison site GoEuro and it factored in fluctuations in currency, meaning that the cost of beer in U.S. cities increased as the dollar appreciated against the euro this year. The overall cost of beer for each city came from averaging the cost of a beer in a supermarket, and in a bar.

The study also revealed that Helsinki, Finland spent the most per capita annually on beer at $1,542, with Sydney, Australia coming in as a close second with $1,331. Cairo, Egypt spent the least on beer at $25 annual spend per capita. 

The city that consumed the most beer was Bucharest, Romania, with an annual consumption per person of 35 gallons; the city that consumed the least once again was Cairo, Egypt, with only one gallon. Hong Kong did beat out Geneva for most expensive draft beer in a bar on average, at $10.86 per beer. 

A beer poured from the tap in Bratislava, however, is a mere $2.22.

5 Cheapest Cities to Buy a Beer: 

1) Krakow, Poland; $1.66

2) Kiev, Ukraine; $1.66

3) Bratislava, Slovakia; $1.69

4) Malaga, Spain; $1.72

5) Delhi, India; $1.75

5 Most Expensive Cities to Buy a Beer:

1) Geneva, Switzerland; $6.32

2) Hong Kong, China; $6.16

3) Tel Aviv, Israel; $5.79

4) Oslo, Norway; $5.31

5) New York, U.S.A.; $5.20