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Italian chefs planning to break world record for longest margherita pizza

Italy is going for a new world pizza record.

Italy is going for a new world pizza record.  (Wojciech Skora)

They’re gonna need a bigger stove.

In fact, chefs in Naples will use five wood-burning stoves- on-wheels to bake a 1.2-mile pizza this month – the world’s longest margherita pie.

The current record-holder was a mile-long version of the Neapolitan classic, which was baked last year during Milan’s food-themed Expo, The Local reported.

“It’s absolutely a point of pride for our city, which is the home of pizza,” Alessandro Marinacci from Naples’ Pizza Village, which is organizing the attempt along with flour producer Caputo, told the site.

On May 15, hundreds of pizza makers from around the world will be rolling in dough for 11 hours to bake a 16-inch wide, 1.2-mile long pie along the city’s waterfront.

The ingredients will include 2 tons of flour, 2 tons of mozzarella, 3,300 pounds of tomato sauce, 6,800 ounces of oil and 66 pounds of fresh basil.

This story originally appeared on NYPost.com.