Ebay launches its own wine site

Ebay is hoping to break into the $32 billion U.S. wine market.

Ebay is hoping to break into the $32 billion U.S. wine market.

When you think of online food retailers, eBay doesn’t usually come to mind.

But now the popular auction site wants to take a swig out of the $32 billion U.S. wine market with the launch of eBay wine—a new site section, and mobile app, exclusively for buying and selling everything from cheap, everyday bottles to rare vintages.

Ebay Wine has officially launched in 45 states in partnership with the app platform Drync, which provides the site a network of legitimate wine retail partners that are licensed across the country. 

According to eBay, the site already boasts 10,000 plus varieties ranging from less than $10 per bottle to five figure vintages.

Unlike the regular eBay, however, not just any home auctioneer can put up an old bottle for sale. Only pre-approved sellers are allowed to post on eBay wine and, per its own guidelines, the site has a very strict policy when it comes to selling alcohol in general. Wine sellers have to be properly licensed for alcohol sales and vetted by the company before they can list online. 

Select sellers have been able to sell wine on eBay for years but, in the past, poor site organization limited buyers’ ability to find exactly what they were looking for. The new eBay Wine section provides a cleaner layout, subdivided by seasonal categories and popular brands.

Breaking into the wine business might seem like an unusual fit for the auction powerhouse but eBay is hoping to use its cache with younger users to broker more wine deals. According to new research from the Wine Market Council, millennials are now drinking more wine than their parents-- and the trend is likely to continue. 

So cheers to cheaper wine from eBay.