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New York pizzeria creates edible pizza box out of pizza

This pizza box is 100 percent edible.

This pizza box is 100 percent edible.  (Courtesy Vinnie's Pizzeria)

Pizza lover’s rejoice.

A New York City pizzeria is ditching the cardboard container for a pizza box that’s made of one thing and one thing only—100 percent pizza.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn revealed “the pizza box pizza” Wednesday via Twitter and it’s been sending hungry pizza lovers into a tailspin.


Even celebrities can't hold back their excitement.

The pizza box pizza starts with a pepperoni pie that comes enveloped in a square pizza, replacing those boring non-edible boxes of yesteryear.

"It’s a Sicilian pizza underneath—like a fluffy Sicilian pizza that forms the pizza box,” Vinnie’s owner Sean Berthiaume explained to PIX 11.

He says the idea came to him during slower business hours while he was thinking about customers coming in for a slice or two, then discarding their greasy boxes right away.

“Sometimes I get a little upset when customers ask for a box and then they sit down and eat the pizza and they throw away the box right away. So that kinda clicked something in my brain.”  

So the pizza box isn’t just delicious—but it’s also environmentally friendly.

But an entire box made of dough, sauce and cheesy goodness doesn’t come cheap. Each pizza box pizza costs $40. And to keep it fresh, it’s wrapped in tin foil.

Vinnie's Pizzeria does deliver right to your doorstep but Berthiaume prefers customers enjoy his pizza in the store or come pick it up fresh.