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McDonald's rolls out 'Giga Big Mac' with four beef patties

Can you get your mouth around this McDonald's Big Mac?

Can you get your mouth around this McDonald's Big Mac?

McDonald’s Japan is about to supersize one of its most popular burgers.

The Giga Big Mac has four beef patties instead of the regular two on the Big Mac--and has 2.8 times more meat. 

Like the U.S. version, Japan’s Big Mac is also layered with cheese, lettuce, onion, pickles, a special mayonnaise-based sauce, mustard and sweet relish.

McDonald’s says the new sandwich is a great choice for diners seeking “a satisfied sense of accomplishment,” reports Japan’s RocketNews24.

Of course, a giant sandwich calls for equally monstrous sides. McDonald’s will also be rolling out “grand-size” soft drinks and French fries, both of which are larger than the largest sizes currently offered at the chain.

If you don't think your mouth will open wide enough to fit a Giga burger, McDonald's is also rolling out a less dramatic looking Grand Big Mac that has two extra-large beef patties.

Though impressive, the Giga Big Mac has been tested before. In 2014, the chain rolled out a Mega Big Mac-- a Big Mac with four patties-- in several countries including Turkey, Ireland, South Korea and Japan. In the U.S., meat-loving customers can order double meat patties on a regular Big Mac

The Giga Big Mac goes on sale April 6 and will be available for a limited time through the end of the month.