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Bethenny Frankel says chocolate breaks up 'Real Housewives' fights

Fox Foodie: Bethenny Frankel expands her empire


Can a sweet tooth and a diet really go together? “Real Housewives of New York” Bethenny Frankel seems to think so.

The creator of Skinnygirl - the product line best known for its diet booze and wine - is expanding her empire into another indulgence.

Frankel unveiled her new Skinnygirl Candy line Tuesday at Dylan's Candy Bar in New York, showcasing a whole new angle of health-conscious products. The line of candy ranges from chocolate covered almonds in 100-calorie packs to mints made with Stevia instead of sugar.

There are also truffles that come in three different flavors.

The goal, Frankel says, is to avoid deprivation while maintaining portion control.

And if you're curious whether the sweet treats have shown up on set of “Real Housewives,” Frankel is adamant that not only do all of her cast-mates love the candy, but that it can be a good solution for fights that break out when everyone is a little too hungry.

“Carole and Ramona love the chocolate,” she said. “When we’re out shooting a scene and they feel like they want something.”

Candy that can break up a fight among the "Real Housewives?" Now that we have to see.