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Wendy’s burns Burger King in value meal price war

A Twitter feud started between Wendy's and Burger King over its value meals.

A Twitter feud started between Wendy's and Burger King over its value meals.  (Wendy's/ Burger King)

Let the games begin.

Fast food wars are heating up over value meals and things are starting to get ugly.

McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King and Carl's Jr. are all offering competing deals.

McDonald's launched its new McPick $2 menu earlier this year -- a replacement for the old Dollar Menu -- that allows people to buy 2 items for 2 bucks. Wendy's is offering 4 items for $4. Not to be undone, Burger King one-upped Wendy's with a 5 for $4 deal. Carl's Jr. has the Real Deal, which includes a charbroiled Double Cheeseburger and a spicy chicken sandwich, served with fries and a drink for $4.

But lLast week, Burger King took a poke at Wendy's on social media over its value meal that led to a Twitter showdown.

The feud began when Wendy's shared a tweet about its new "4 for $4" deal meal.  But the next day, Burger King shared their own advertisement for a "5 for $4," which included the caption "5 for $4, because 5 is better than 4." 

The rest--well, just devolves.  Have a look.

This prompted the Twitter universe to egg the two on.  

Wendy's response:  "Edible food."  Ouch. The tweet has since been removed, but not before Twitter users went wild. 

No response from Burger King, yet.  

Meanwhile, Carl's Jr. is mum, as well as McDonald’s, which is basking in the glow after announcing its best quarter in nearly four years.

The Golden Arches initially said it was testing its McPick 2 for five weeks, but the deal (along with its all-day breakfast) is helping to drive people in. 

The belief is that these deals may be gone by spring because franchise owners say they hurt their profits. 

So what better way for a second and third place than to have a little Twitter spat?