Things you should never say to a bartender

Don't bug your waitress with a snarky pick-up line.

Don't bug your waitress with a snarky pick-up line.  (iStock)

Take a moment to reminisce on some of your best nights. Correct us if we’re wrong, but if we had to guess, alcohol was involved at one point or another.

Alcohol definitely loosens things up and gets the party going, but if you’re at a bar, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it without the bartenders. They’re the ones who mix up all of the magic.

With New Year's Eve holiday bar-hopping season in full swing, we thought it would only be appropriate to educate you on how to treat your bartender with the utmost respect that he or she deserves.

Let us raise a glass to the people who make the party what it is, and promise to truly appreciate them no matter what happens (or how tipsy we’re feeling).

In general, when someone is serving you something, try to always use common courtesy and treat them the way you’d like to be treated.

Check out a few phrases you should definitely keep to yourself while at the bar. 

1. Can I have a free drink? It’s my birthday.  

If bartenders gave out free drinks to everyone who asked for them, your favorite bars would probably be out of business.

2. Can you do any tricks?

If the bartender can “do something special” or exciting during the mixing process, they’ll probably do it without being asked. But they’re not a dog—so don’t treat them like one.

3. Can you make me something with fewer calories?

If you’re drinking alcohol, are calories really your main concern?

4. Can you make something strong and cheap that also tastes good?

Cheap, strong, and tasty? Does that even exist? Maybe a nice glass of delicious everclear? You’re basically asking the bartender to do something impossible.

5. Did you go to college?

Usually, whether or not the bartender went to college has nothing to do with how good your drink is going to taste. Though there are bartending classes available, that’s different than attending a standard university. Think about it this way: If they failed calculus, it probably won’t affect their ability to create a killer cocktail.

6. Do you have a phone charger?

The funny thing is that they probably do. And if they don’t, they could probably get their hands on one if they tried hard enough. he fact of the matter is, finding you a phone charger isn’t their job. If you constantly need your phone, make sure it’s fully charged before you leave or bring your own charger with you.

Check out more annoying questions you shouldn’t ask your bartender.


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