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Dominos launches one touch ordering ‘Easy Button’

Domino's new "Easy Button" lets users orders with one click.

Domino's new "Easy Button" lets users orders with one click.  (Domino's)

If you thought ordering food couldn’t get any easier, think again.

Dominos in the U.K. has unveiled a new product for that makes ordering pizza a one step process—and all you have to do is a finger, barely.

The ‘push for pizza’ button—which is reminiscent of the 2014 app created by a group of New York City teens called “Push for Pizza”— allows a customer to get his or her favorite pizza order delivered right to their door in one simple step.

The "Limited Edition Easy Button," which comes hidden in a miniature pizza box,  is powered by FLIC--a company that make wireless buttons-- and pairs up to the Domino's app. First time users input their favorite pizza toppings, type delivery and payment details into the app to seamlessly sync it to the button. After that, it’s one-touch ordering for the truly lazy and hungover.

Domino’s has seen a major increase in online orders since unveiling its app and sees the button as a logical extension to make ordering easier than ever.

“The Domino’s app has been downloaded over 10 million times and 75 per cent of our orders are now online. We also know that our customers love innovation, which further improves the ease of ordering such as our Pizza Tracker,” Simon Wallis, Sales & Marketing Director, Domino’s Pizza Group  announced in an e-mail press release. “With this in mind we challenged our tech wizards to go a step further and create the one-stop Easy Order.”

The company unveiled a "virtual" version of the button online that allows customers to place orders via Domino's website with minimal clicks. 

For now the easy button is only being doled out to lucky winners of an upcoming social media competition that will be launched next month in the U.K.

According to Business Insider, Domino’s superfans in the U.S. can likely expect a similar Easy Button competition following a second phase of the campaign next February.