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Video of Guy Fieri throwing autographed Lean Cuisine goes viral

Guy Fieri throwing a Lean Cuisine is internet magic.

Guy Fieri throwing a Lean Cuisine is internet magic.  (Reuters/Nestle)

When he’s not busy in the kitchen whipping up Donkey Sauce, or lending his signature style to model Chrissy Teigen, Guy Fieri apparently likes to get down to Fifth Harmony.

A Vine featuring the spiky haired Food Network star getting down to the hit song “Worth It” by the girl group has gone viral.

But it’s not just Fieri’s subtle dance moves that makes the video special.

The Mayor of Flavortown is seen autographing a Lean Cuisine box, singling out one lucky fan in the audience and gently throwing it out into the excited crowd.

The unusual clip, originally posted by user annie, has been looped over 8 million times on Vine and tens of thousands have shared it across other social media platforms.

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No word from Fieri on whether he’s teaming up with Lean Cuisine to bring frozen Donkey Sauce to the masses.