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Butter on sushi is latest food craze

Sushi topped with butter is the latest craze.

Sushi topped with butter is the latest craze.  (iStock)

First there was butter in your coffee.  But now, it appears that a pad on butter of your sushi is a thing.

Jinen, a sushi restaurant in Osaka, Japan is serving unagi butter sushi, and it's become something of an overnight sensation, RocketNews24 writes.

Each piece of grilled freshwater eel sushi is composed of a small mound of sushi rice topped  topped with a generous pat of butter with a small belt of nori to keep it in place.

RocketNews24 translated some of reviews of the sushi on social media: Diners say "it feels like it's melting in your mouth," and one enthusiastic fan wrote, "I could eat this every day!"

Butter and sushi seems like an odd pairing, but we won't be surprised if it starts appearing on other sushi restaurant menus soon.