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McDonald’s continues rebranding effort with ‘Chef Crafted’ burgers

McDonald's is axing two flavors from its TasteCrafted menu.

McDonald's is axing two flavors from its TasteCrafted menu.  (McDonald's)

In another effort to engage with customers, McDonald’s is changing the name of its build-your-own-burger platform amid slumping sales.

The fast food chain will be changing the name of its TasteCrafted program to Chef Crafted and switching up new menu flavors. Hot jalapeno and deluxe toppings will be replaced by maple bacon Dijon and buffalo bacon. Looks like bacon is here to stay.

"The original name ‘TasteCrafted’ did not resonate with consumers," spokeswoman Lisa McComb confirmed to Bloomberg. "We decided to celebrate our chefs who have created these recipes and highlight the culinary expertise of our in-house and supplier chefs."

Chef Crafter is the chain’s third iteration of its customizable sandwich program which aims to bring healthier or more artisan options to diners. The chain is also continuing to operate Create Your Taste kiosks throughout participating locations. Chef Crafted offerings are being tested in about 200 restaurants with more to come later in the year though a few locations are still offering TasteCrafted products, said McComb.

Chef Crafted bacon dijon sandwiches are topped with maple bacon, grilled onions, honey dijon sauce, white cheddar and lettuce. The buffalo bacon flavor includes blue cheese sauce and crumbles, buffalo sauce, smoked bacon, tomato and lettuce.

Joel Cohen, owner of Cohen Restaurant Marketing Group in Raleigh, North Carolina told Bloomberg that he understands why the name TasteCrafted failed to ignite consumer response.

"There was no emotion to it, no feelings like it came from a human," he said.

Over the past year, McDonald’s has tried several revamping efforts including beefing up its Quarter Pounders and rolling out all-day breakfast offerings across the country. The chain has also pledged to go entirely cage-free with its egg supply by 2015.

But same store sales in the U.S. are still falling, declining 2 percent in McDonald’s most recent quarter, reports Bloomberg. But the new attempt to rebrand itself as a high-end fast food eatery may not be enough.

Says Cohen, "It’s just another attempt for McDonald’s to upgrade itself. They’ve gotten away from what’s made them famous."