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Giant pumpkin weighing over 2,000 pounds crushes North American record

The giant pumpkin clocked in over 2,100 pounds.

The giant pumpkin clocked in over 2,100 pounds.  (YouTube/Associated Press)

It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown.

A giant pumpkin weighing 2,145.5 pounds has crushed the North American record at a Wisconsin festival over the weekend. The giant gourd was grown by Gene McMullen, a factory worker from Illinois.

The previous North American record was 2,058 pounds. Despite the major achievement, McMullen remained humble about his prize-winning pumpkin.

"I don't do anything different than any other growers do," he told the Associated Press, crediting “dumb luck” to this giant's success story.

Though world records for giant pumpkins date back to 1900, they didn’t top 1,000 pounds until 1996, according to data from giantpumpkin.com, a site that tracks fun facts like this. The current world record belongs to Beni Meier of Switzerland for his massive 2,323 pound pumpkin from Oct. 2014.

Last year, McMullen’s entry came in at a measly 1,600 pounds.