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Did KFC serve a customer a deep-fried rat?

KFC customer  Devorise Dixon claims he was served a fried rat.

KFC customer Devorise Dixon claims he was served a fried rat.  (YouTube/Dominique)

KFC is calling foul on a recent allegation that a Los Angeles location served a customer a deep fried rat in his meal.

After ordering a three-piece chicken tender meal last week, security guard Devorise Dixon claims one of the meaty pieces was a breaded and fried rodent. 



Posted by Devorise Dixon on Sunday, June 14, 2015

“It was very nasty,” Dixon told the Randy Economy Radio Show on Saturday night. “I spit it out. I looked down at my hand and I realized that it was in the shape of a rat with a tail and everything in it.”

Dixon said the meat tasted “hard and rubbery” and he decided to record a video of the offending piece of meat, before placing it into the freezer.

After returning to the original KFC restaurant where the tender meal was purchased with photos and receipt in hand, Dixon claims the manager was shocked, but apologetic.

 “The manager actually freaked out, confirmed that it was a rat,” Dixon told the radio station. “She apologized for it. They actually just offered me a free meal.”

Dixon reportedly declined the free food and told the station that he has since hired a lawyer to represent him.

But KFC says they have yet to make contact with Dixon or an appointed legal representative. They posted the following statement on Facebook yesterday evening in the wake of mounting customer inquiry:

“KFC takes customer claims very seriously, and we are continuing to investigate this matter. Our chicken tenders often vary in size and shape, and we currently have no evidence to support this claim. We are aggressively trying to reach Mr. Dixon, and we request that he return to the restaurant with the product for testing, or call us at 1-800-Call-KFC.”

KFC spokesman Rodrigo Coronel told FoxNews.com that the chain has made several attempts to contact Dixon, but he has "refused to talk to us directly or through an attorney." The chain has since offered Dixon the opportunity to submit the sample to an independent lab for evaluation free of charge, but Dixon refused to provide the rat shaped product in question. 

Coronel also pointed us to a separate Instagram post that, unlike the Facebook video without a bite, indicates that the rodent-shaped meat is in fact just white meat chicken.


A photo posted by Devorise Dixon (@devorisedixon89) on

"The images the customer originally posted do not include this second angle because it clearly shows it’s a piece of hand-breaded white meat chicken," Coronel explained in reference to the post -- which has only been 'Liked' three times. "Based on this, and the fact that [Dixon] refuses to allow anyone to see the product, we are left to believe that he intended to deceive the public and we are considering all options."    

FoxNews.com has attempted to contact Dixon, but did not hear back by time of publication.