Thousands of exploding prosecco bottles recalled

Some bottles are popping-- spontaneously.

Some bottles are popping-- spontaneously.  (iStock)

Summer may be the season for bubbly but drinkers across Europe may be subjected to unwanted popped corks.

Thousands of bottles of prosecco from the wine club, Wine Society, have been recalled for spontaneously shattering before being opened, reports the Independent.

The Society released the following statement to customers that may have been affected, asking them not to drink the sparkling Italian wine:

“Following the recall of The Society’s Prosecco, we have received similar reports of a small number of bottles of Prosecco Brut I Duecento shattering in members’ wine racks. Whilst the incidence of shattering bottles is limited, as a precaution we have also taken the decision to recall all remaining bottles of this wine.”

Bad news for prosecco lovers, considering there's already a possible shortage on the horizon.

The Society reports that so far the exploding bottles have not caused any injuries. The company advises not to directly place any remaining bottles of the prosecco in the garbage to avoid shard of glass but instead should be wrapped in a disposable cloth, placed in a plastic bag-- then into a garbage can for pick up.