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What is the country’s most liberal fast food restaurant?

Are Chipotle diners really the most liberal Americans?

Are Chipotle diners really the most liberal Americans?  (Reuters)

Can where someone eats their burger or burrito reveal a person's political preference? 

The Wall Street Journal pulled data from Experian Marketing Services to create a political leaning index of those who frequent the nation’s most popular fast food joints.

The information service firm surveyed over 27,000 Americans, asking consumers about their political preferences from liberal to conservative, what restaurants they go to and how often they went in the last month.

According to Experian data, the popular Mexican grill chain has the most liberal customers, scoring 145 on the index. So Hillary Clinton's craving for a Chipotle burrito bowl last week may have been more calculated than original thought. The second most liberal dining establishment in the U.S. is Starbucks, according to the survey.

As for the right, Chick-Fil-A grabbed the top conservative spot, scoring a 120 on Experian’s index. Sonic and Applebee’s patrons also tend to be more right leaning. 

Regardless of political affiliation, Americans are still spending more money than ever dining out.