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A most delicious marriage: Burger King couple to marry

Joel Burger is set to marry Ashley King in July.

Joel Burger is set to marry Ashley King in July.  (Fox59)

It sounds like a Whopper of a wedding.  An Illinois couple planning a wedding is getting national attention due to their unusual name combination. 

Joel Burger, 24, recently proposed to 23-year-old Ashley King, his girlfriend of more than five years, engagement, Fox 59 reports. 

The Burger-King wedding couple are pretty used to ribbing by now.  The two were friends in high school and started dating in college. They told WGN that they’ve embraced the jokes about their “whopper” of a name and won’t let any annoyances “ketchup” with them.

In fact, when they recently got engaged, they posed for a photo outside their local Burger King outlet. And they're reportedly planning to give wedding guests cups or drink coozies with their names and date on one side, and the BK logo on the other, that is if the fast food chain gives them approval. 

So the big question is will they name their first child Whopper Jr?