Emojis replace words on candy conversation hearts

New candy heart phrases Te Amo, Pugs & Kittens, BFF and a mustached emojii.

New candy heart phrases Te Amo, Pugs & Kittens, BFF and a mustached emojii.  (NECCO)

Well this is a conversation starter…or ender, however you look at it.

NECCO, a maker of those ubiquitous candy hearts we see at Valentine’s Day, has updated its list of phrases that can be found on those chalky conversation starters –and the news isn’t good.

As the New York Daily News reports, actual words on the hearts are being replaced by texting lexicon like "BFF" and a mustache emoji.

"We have to evaluate what’s modern, what’s hot, how people are actually communicating," NECCO social media specialist Mary Lane told the Daily News.

NECCO shelved the messages that were considered out-of-date, including “Occupy my heart," a reference to the Occupy Wall Street movement that protests income inequality. Also scrapped were other phrases like “Tweet,” “You and I,” “U R Hot,” “Love Me,” and “Shine Bright.”  In years past, other conversation sweets killed included messages like “Fax Me” and the unromantic “Let’s Read.” 

Each year the company gets hundreds of suggestions for new sayings. Three new ones this year— “Pugs & Kittens,” “Girl Power” and “Luv 2 Dance” — are from the winners of Necco’s 2014 “Color Your Own” annual Sweethearts contest that asks children to design their own Sweethearts box. Winners get their own words printed on the candy hearts for the following season. 

This year’s competition runs through March 1, so there’s still time to bring back the words. 

We’re thinking something like “Will you be mine” might work.