How to pair wine with chocolate

Lea Faith Williams teached us tips for pairing different wines with Valentine's Day treats


You every wonder why people pair wine with chocolate?

Because believe it or not, you really can make that already luscious morsel taste better.

And besides, it’s a fun thing to do on Valentine’s Day (or any day of the week, for that matter).

Lea-Faith Williams owner of Let’s Talk Wine and the former director of wine and service at Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar in New York City makes a living pairing our two favorite things (tough job, Lea-Faith) so we knew she would be the perfect person to ask.

She brought five wines and gave us her chocolate-pairing suggestions.

--Prosecco – all chocolates

--White Burgundy – milk or white chocolate

--Sauvignon Blanc – milk or white chocolate

--Cote du Rhone – dark chocolate

--Beaujolais – lighter chocolates or those filled with coffee or espresso

But now you try and let us know your favorite pairings.

Cent’ Anni.

Tracy Byrnes joined FOX Business Network (FBN) in October 2007 as a reporter.