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McDonald’s not first to accept kisses, hugs as payment

Cut but unoriginal: McDonald's "Get lovin' give lovin'" campaign in action.

Cut but unoriginal: McDonald's "Get lovin' give lovin'" campaign in action.  (YouTube/McDonald's)

If you’re going to McDonald’s today, a high five, hug, or selfie may get you a free meal. The fast food's latest campaign “Give lovin’, get lovin’" --that runs through Feb. 14 in honor of Valentine’s Day --made a splash during the Super Bowl.

But the idea of giving a little of love in exchange for free food is far from original.

For years, select U.S. locations of the Qdoba burrito chain has been doling out free burritos at this time if you kiss someone on demand. According to Consumerist, this year is no different.

There's a group that runs the official Random Acts of Kindness Day (this year it is from February 9-15), which has partnered with KIND Healthy Snack bars --and is giving away free snacks.  

Last year, a man decided to buy a coffee or meal for unsuspecting patrons in a small café in Australia. And every Halloween, Chipotle offers deeply discounted burritos to hungry customers who dress up.

A slightly different approach to paying with kindness is Philadelphia pizza shop Rosa’s Fresh Pizza that allows customers to donate a dollar with each sale to provide a homeless patron with a free slice of pizza. Owner Mason Wartman says he has given away over 8,500 slices.

McDonald’s has yet to announce how many meals they will be giving away over the next couple of weeks.

But perhaps the best thing to come out of McDonald’s new campaign is the stream of viral videos showing these sometimes hilarious acts of kindness in the name of gratis grub.

Check out some impressive—and unsurprisingly awkward—customer attempts to get some free McDonald’s food.

The shake for a shake:

Complimenting a stranger:

Hug it out: