What is a wine rave?

Not the traditional tasting method.

Not the traditional tasting method.  (

Two Los Angeles sommeliers are on a mission to change the way you think about wine.

Adam Vourvoulis and Maxwell Leer have both left traditional restaurant positions behind and recently hosted their first wine rave.

So what's a wine rave?  

Vourvoulis and Leer want millennials to opt for wine over other alcohol at dance parties --complete with glow sticks --and leave preconceived notions about the “stuffy” beverage at the door.

“Wine rave is a state of mind. Can you free yourself from color: its sensations as pleasure; as life. Stop swirling. Derobe. Become bioluminescent. Feel a stranger. Listen. Laugh and have fun. Wine rave.” Reads the description on

The two wine entrepreneurs believe traditional tasting events that focus on the “terrior” --or the factors of where the wine comes from -- and acidity levels of wine don’t appeal to younger drinkers. In an effort to make the beverage more approachable, the duo has employed one of the most popular nightlife trends.

“It’s too abstract. It alienates people. We’re talking about wine too seriously. We want to make people feel more comfortable with it,” Leer told the LA Times.

But dim the lights, add in a few glow sticks and pump up a pop infused playlist and millennials will—hopefully—flock to the party. Instead of hard liquor shots, revelers take sips of wine shots. And we’re not taking Franzia—each wine featured at the event scores a 98 or higher by the sommeliers.

The entrance fee is also relatively affordable at just $20 a person, with $30 for bottle service.  

“Wine can be a conversation or it can just be a drink. In which case, just drink it,” Leer said.

Wine raves are being hosted every Thursday night at Honeycut in Los Angeles.