Extreme Foods

Freak kids out with a urine candy cup this Halloween

Strange candy shapes and tastes for Halloween trick or treat.


Chocolate bars and candy corn may be Halloween staples.  But why not shake it up this year with some gummy body parts, sugary blood or urine candy.

Candy makers are getting more creative—and grosser—with each holiday season.

Chris Pratt, president of Candy Warehouse, told FoxNews.com that Halloween is their busiest time of year. Every year, the site ships over 2 million pounds of candy. Around Halloween, and other popular candy-filled holidays like Easter, they ship a full UPS trailer of candy a day. 

Pratt's site has hundreds of items—from hard-to-find vintage candy to bulk boxes of popular bars and gummies.  Pratt’s team also creates original items you can’t find anywhere else and has seen more extreme pieces come through his store over the years.

“This [October] is our busiest month and it’s definitely the time of the year for the most over the top items,” Pratt says. “We sell a lot of Halloween-themed Pez but we’ve noticed that zombies have become really popular. We’ve got marshmallow eyeballs with oozing jelly, body parts and lots of fake blood samples.”  

Boosted from the popularity of shows like "The Walking Dead," extreme candy -- like bags of sugar-syrup blood  realistic body parts make of gummie bear and crickets dipped in chocolate -- are going fast. 

“One year, we had people calling for a boycott of our gummy candy roadkill several years ago,” Pratt said. “It had graphics of a tire track running through it and PETA contacted the company that made it, claiming it glorified dead animals.”

But Pratt, who’s been in the candy business for over 15 years, thinks his most shocking find is a sterile urine cup—a super sour lemonade flavored jelly that comes in a real medical grade container.

We just had to try to try this extreme candy to find out if it would just be too hard to swallow. First taste? It’s really, really sour. Think liquefied Warhead with a pungent lemon flavor. The texture is similar to light maple syrup. 

But the color looks like the real thing.  Yuck.