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McDonald’s to limit McRib rollout this year

The McRib is back...but only in select markets.

The McRib is back...but only in select markets.  (McDonald's)

The annual rollout of McDonald’s McRib has been a cult-like phenomenon since its introduction in 1982.

But this year, the fast food chain will only be offering the boneless barbecue pork sandwich at select locations throughout the country, reports CNBC.

McDonald’s spokeswoman Lisa McComb told the network the decision would be left up to individual franchise owners.

"We're letting the restaurants determine if this menu item is one their customers will enjoy," McComb wrote in an email to CNBC.  

The chain has seen a drop in sales since the summer. The move to curtail the McRib supply may be an effort to feed the frenzied excitement of sandwich devotees or just bolster against possible flagging sales.  

No details yet on where the sandwich will be available.

"The McRib always makes a grand entrance on our menus and we don't want to steal its thunder—so stay tuned," McComb said.

Germany is only country in the world where the pork sandwich is on the menu year round. The limited run offering in the U.S. consistently draws excitement, fueled by the tagline “The McRib is back.”