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McDonald’s recruits former ‘Mythbuster’ to debunk rumors about pink slime and other food myths

"Our food. Your questions."

"Our food. Your questions."  (YouTube/McDonald's)

McDonald's is trying to dispel food myths and has recruited the former host of the Discovery Channel’s hit show ‘MythBusters’ to give their image a boost.

Grant Imahara is helping to answer customer questions, like, “Is your beef real?” and “Why doesn’t your food rot?” in its latest social media campaign, “Our food. Your questions.”

It's the first time that McDonald's has allowed cameras inside one of its food plants in the U.S.  The first inquiry: Is the beef real? “It’s 100 percent beef trimmings,” Cargill Operations Supervisor Jimmy Rendon tells Imahara in the video. No eyeballs, no lips.

McDonald's has been dogged for decades by haters who allege that the fast food chain puts additives like pink slime and embalming fluid in its food. 

Imahara will tackles these questions head on and answers readers’ questions in a series of videos made by McDonald’s. 

“We know people have questions, and we’re proud of the food that we serve,” said Heather Oldani, McDonald’s senior director of U.S. communications.

McDonald’s unveiled similar campaigns in Australia and Canada (who could forget seeing how chicken McNuggets are actually made?)  The latest Q&A series, bolstered by a widespread social media effort, is the first effort to engage questions from a U.S. audience, answering questions via its Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Facing a tainted meat scare in Asia, competition from fast-casual restaurants, and months of lagging domestic sales, “Our food. Your questions,” is an effort to rebuild trust in America’s biggest fast food chain, according to Bloomberg.

The video series will tackle five or six queries and take viewers behind the scenes on the production line. 

Check out the first installment and see if McDonald’s can assuage your food fears.