A sign outside an English café is causing residents to do a major double take.

The Tuck-in Coffee Shop in the South Yorkshire town of Doncaster hung a sign with its name written in curling font, causing some to mistake the elaborate "T" in "Tuck" for an "F".

Resident Betty Lomas told the U.K.'s Telegraph newspaper that she suspected the error was a gimmick to lure in customers. “It looks a lot like a swear word to me and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d planned it on purpose to attract some attention,” she said. "'It's highly inappropriate, especially as there's children about."

Yet others say the sign is an honest mistake and find it amusing.

“You’ve got to see the funny side of things like that. I’m sure it was an honest mistake, but it definitely looks naughty and I was very shocked until I reread it and worked it out,” Louise Cooper told the Telegraph. 

A worker at the cafe told the paper that the sign has been there for 12 years and that no one had ever complained before.

“I hung the sign there myself and it looks all right to me. No customers have ever said anything to me so I don't see any reason why it should be changed or taken down.”