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Taco by text with a custom emoji

Now, you too can text by taco.

Now, you too can text by taco.  (XOXCO)

Texters have a range of fruits, veggies and a range of desserts to express their inner foodie feelings --as well as American classics like fries and burgers.

But taco lovers have been left out…until now.

Thanks to XOXCO, a brand new app, emoji lovers can now choose from four delicious tacos to emote their taco whims: Everyday Taco (which appears to be an ambiguous ground beef mixture), Breakfast Taco with bacon and eggs, a Fish Taco, and a Mystery Taco.

XOXCO is based in Austin, Texas and has previously released apps that allow you to create your own pixel art (just like the 1990's classic Kid Pix).

The Taco Text app currently has 4.5 star rating on the iTunes store with largely positive reviews.

“Finally!” writes one. “I have been searching for a solid taco texting app for ages. Many of ones I tried previously were simply too feature rich for my liking…I’m not saying that making the perfect Taco Texting Application is easy! No disrespect to the other apps out there, but this one hits the mark, for me anyway.”