Wedding season is here, not just for us normal folk, but also for the rich and famous.

Pinterest activity is at its peak, blogs are becoming fairytale photo albums of couples’ big days, and tabloids are abuzz with lavish celebrity unions. We want to live vicariously through those celeb weddings so we ogle their photos, Google the facts, and yearn to taste the towering cakes.

Let’s be real, many of us dream about our wedding day our whole entire life — young girls act it out with Barbie and Ken in puffy white dresses and tuxes, and guys think about saving for the ring and wild bachelor parties. But in the end, we want the same things: true love and the perfect wedding day.

But what is sometimes lost in all the fuss over the veil, the suits, and the flowers, is something else just as important if not more, at least to those sweet freaks among us: the cake, that multi-tiered paean to the gods of sweetness, that edible edifice that unifies the theme and gives in to whimsy. Finding exactly the right cake for the occasion can be fraught with peril, from countless tastings to disputes between the love birds to just plain baked good malfunctions, but it’s all worth it for the amazing sweet ending.

Imagine what that sweet indulgence could be if your budget was from here to the moon, or if you could spend the dough on batter and frosting rather than paying off loans. Only royalty can drop thousands on a super elaborate wedding cake, or only starlets and “rap gods” can spend what some make in a year on nuptial confections.

Sure, we’d all like to have the wedding of our dreams, but it’s celebrities who can afford the cakes of their wildest fantasies, spending nearly the entire salary of the average civil servant to put the icing on their over-the-top wedding cakes.